Meet the Horses

Here at Elms Farm RA we take pride in our range of super horses and ponies! From as little as 11.2hh to as big as 16.2hh theres a horse to suit every rider!

Adey is 15 years old and 16.2 hh

Adey is fantastic at dressage and loves jumping. He is owned by Amy Dunbar who used to compete him, he had an issue with stage fright and now enjoys teaching at our academy.


Jake is 9 years old and 16hh

Jake has been owned by Elms Farm since the age of 4 – so we know this young man inside out. He is a firm favourite at the academy, and loves jumping and the odd days hacking.


Willow is 15 years old and 16hh

Willow loves her jumping and can do a lovely dressage test.

Everyone always notices how stunning her colouring is. A fact about willow – shes not an appaloosa.


Floki is 11 years old and 13.3hh

Floki is our most popular pony at Elms Academy, he loves teaching all the children to ride.

He also loves going hunting.


Flo is 6 years old and 14 hh

Flo used to be owned by our riding school manager Ellie. She absolutely loves her jumping and is fantastic to hack. Ellie even took her hunting in 2018 which she loved.


Humphrey is 20 years old and 15.3hh

Humphrey is owned by one of our lovely liveries Donna.

He loves jumping and hacking.


Jenna is 24 years old and 16hh

Jenna is owned by Rosie at RAF Cranwell. She is on loan to Elms and loves jumping and hacking.


Joey is 20 years old and 15.2hh

Joey is owned by Ellie and sometimes used in the riding school. His favourite thing to do is jumping especially going around the cross country course.


Heidi is 24 years old and 15hh

Heidi has been at Elms Farm since we opened in 2016, she looks after all the ponies and enjoys hacking.


Bluebell is 17 years old and 13hh

Bluebell loves hacking and dressage.


Dolly is 11 years old and 14.2hh

Dolly loves hacking and is Michelle's favourite pony at the academy.

She may be a little cob but she doesn’t think so and will jump all day long if she could.


Ben is 20 years old and 15hh

Ben used to love his jumping however due to his age we have reduced his workload. He now enjoys teaching children to ride off the lead rein.


Pixie is 8 years old and 12hh

Pixies favourite thing to do is hacking and her best friend is Tinkerbell.


Tinkerbell is 14 years old and 12hh

Tinkerbell is owned by Freya Amys daughter, her favourite thing to do is jumping and hacking.


Stardust is 10 years old and 11.2hh

Stardust is also owned by Freya, and is loving teaching Freya to ride. Freya has given us permission to let other children learn to ride with her beloved pony too


Smartie is 10 years old and 15.1hh

Smartie loves hacking and having a go around our cross country course. He also loves to give kisses when asked.

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