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More Than Just a Riding School

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Elms Farm Riding Academy Membership

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Elms Farm Riding Academy is more than just a riding school.

Our Aim is to provide both children and adults, who love horses, an opportunity to be involved in a variety of activities and events that go above and beyond the stereotypical 'rock up and ride' ethic that riding schools now typically follow.

We are running a diverse range of events, activities, training days and lessons, that are all discounted with this membership SAVING YOU MONEY!

CLICK HERE for an updated calendar of events going on at Elms Farm.

Become an academy member today to unlock a phenomenal amount of opportunities  to enjoy, learn and participate in a variety of new and upcoming events! AND receive discounts on ALL of our riding lessons, in house clinics, competitions and events!



Individual Membership - £80 per year
Family Membership (3) - £200 per year
Family plus membership (4) - £280 per year

NHS/MOD Individual membership - £72 per year

Elms Livery Membership - £64 per year

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What's Included?

  • Elms Farm Riding Academy Jumper

  • 10% Discount on ALL riding lessons

  • Discounts on ALL clubs ran by the Academy

  • Discounts on all unaffiliated competitions

  • Discounts on clinics ran by Academy instructors and visiting coaches

  • Discounts on Camps and adult courses 

  • Invitations to social events, yard visits and demo's

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